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Salt Spring Web Design and our sister company Kmax Multimedia are a highly creative and technically advanced design team involved in the creation of original web sites, graphics, logos, photography, pdf and print work, maps, brochures and signage. We are based on Salt Spring Island. Our work has been used locally and internationally for film, television, performance, music and corporate videos as well as a wide range of online applications. We create unique, user friendly, clean and functional web sites.

Project Description

Naomi Walker

Design and Build two web sites for Naomi Walker, based in France through the California connection working as a team with Naomi and Michelle La Penai. The first site is www.naomi-walker.com, and the purpose of the site is for Naomi to promote her services and make them more accessible to wider audience. The 2nd site, translation.naomi-walker.com promotes Naomi’s French to English and English to French translation services. Working as a team we created something purposeful, simple, stylish and functional. Both sites are fully adaptive and we also guided Naomi about how to edit the sites and keep them up to date. Both sites will have an excellent shelf life and be inexpensive and simple to maintain for the client.

Naomi-Walker.com also includes a convenient events booking system and built in secure e-commerce.

Client Testimonial

Naomi Walker Catering and Workshops

list-style-starlist-style-starlist-style-starlist-style-starlist-style-star« My professional experience with Kenneth was one of working with a true artist. Words that come to my mind to describe his approach to our work together are passionate, poetic, imaginative, creative, inventive, innovative, perceptive, intuitive, resourceful… Kenneth has an eye for detail and a vision of the whole. He is extremely precise and generous in his explanations, and very gifted at explaining the inner workings of a website, something he did for me in a particularly inspirational and precise way. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Kenneth. It was a true learning experience, and the solid foundations that he has helped me lay for my websites are giving me wings. » THANK YOU, Naomi

••••• Working with Kenneth was a sheer pleasure. He is responsive, patient and very knowledgeable. I love my new website (www.janedl.com) and am getting more positive feedback and response than I ever imagined. Kenneth has a very fine sense of design and artistry along with an incredible mastery of web design, technical know-how, photoshop expertise, SEO workings and good people interface. He really took the time needed to shape the site to my sensibilities while steering it into a functional design with all of the bells and whistles needed. He also was generous in teaching me how to navigate the back-end myself and educating me on very important issues in web design. The design was fast and kept ahead of my generation of content. Everything was delivered on-time. Also, his fees are reasonable and so puts in reach an extremely high quality website for many of us who cannot afford so-called high end designers (who could not do anything more than Salt Spring Design). I highly recommend Salt Spring Web Design whole heartedly!

Ganga Giri Beta

Ganga Giri is a world renowned didgeridoo virtuoso and innovator of a fusion of the ancient instrument with electronic beats, that has taken the dancefloors of the world by storm since the dawn of the 21st century.

EarthWays was founded in 1985 to encourage personal awareness and social responsibility from a global perspective. We initiate small-scale projects that are cutting edge models for environmental preservation, human potential and sustainable development. The projects and educational programs seek solutions that protect our planet’s environment, contribute to social justice, and cultivate a deep respect for the interconnectedness of all life.

Earthways Foundation Web Site Design
Ganga Giri Beta

“I love my website. Within the first year it had already paid for itself in drumming up new business. Thanks Ken!”

– Stewart Katz, RMT, www.saltspringmassagetherapy.com