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Thank you for visiting Salt Spring Island, the largest of the beautiful Gulf Islands, nestled between rugged Vancouver Island and British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast. We created this free digital map to help you make the most of your visit and hope you enjoy the wide variety of activities on Salt Spring Island, along with the offerings from our local artists, artisans and businesses. Whether it be a delicious gourmet meal, the weekly Saturday Morning Market, a hike up Mounts Maxwell, Tuam, or Erskine to see the absolutely gorgeous views our island has to offer or some chill out time on the beach, we know your visit to Salt Spring will be an experience that you will always remember. You are free to print one copy of this map for your own personal use. You will also find the best of salt spring island’s accommodations listed upon this map to help you find a place to stay while you are here.

SaltSpring Island (yes, there are two “correct” spellings) has an interesting mix of merchants, farmers, sailors, artists, musicians, writers, artisans, and travelers. World-class accommodations, restaurants and parks make it one of Canada’s top tourist destinations. It is a mecca and often a starting point for sailors and kayakers exploring the gulf islands. Blessed with mild weather, fair seas, breathtaking views and a fertile soil, salt spring is also home to some of the finest wines made in the world. People come from all over the planet to sample our famous blackberry port, which sells out every year. The climate is so mild that palm, kiwi, and olive trees can be grown.

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