We made a map of Pender Islands, British Columbia, Canada

PDF Map of Pender Island, British Columbia, Canada: mapofpender.com

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This map works wonderfully on iphone, android, blackberry, or any smart phone or ipad, etc. I recommend opening in ibooks for the best user experience possible. One advantage is that this map works even when you are offline, where google maps etc only function if  you are connected so save on those ridiculous roaming fees and use our free interactive high res map to navigate while you are on island. Download ahead of time and open in your favourite PDF reader for full functionality.

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Thank you for visiting Pender Island, a pastoral ocean paradise in the Gulf Islands, nestled between rugged Vancouver Island and British’s Columbia’s Sunshine Coast. We created this digital map to help you make the most of your visit and hope you enjoy the wide variety of activities on Pender Island, along with the offerings from our local artists, artisans and businesses. Whether it be a delicious gourmet meal, the weekly Saturday Morning Farmers Market, a hike in the Gulf islands National Parks Reserve to see the absolutely gorgeous views our island has to offer or some chill out time on the beach, we know your visit to Pender will be an experience that you will always remember.

Pender Island has an interesting mix of merchants, sailors, artists, musicians, writers, artisans,and travellers. World-class accomodations, camping, restaurants and parks make it one of Canada’s best tourist destinations. Blessed with mild weather, fair seas, breathtaking views and a fertile soil, Pender Island is also home to some of the finest wines made in the world. The climate is so mild that palm, kiwi, and olive trees can be grown.

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Click on the map picture to download the map in PDF format. This document is an Adobe PDF file. PDF stands for Portable Document Format. This document is compatible with adobe acrobat reader version 6 and later.For optimal use of the map, upgrade your Adobe Acrobat Reader to the latest version.

Get Adobe ReaderTo make the most of the map, learn to use adobe acrobat. The zoom (magnifying glass) tool is very handy with this map and there is no loss of resolution when zooming. One may also choose to “print current view” from the print dialog window.

The map is searchable in two ways:

1. Use the search index by clicking on the binoculars icon.

2. One may also simply visually scan and scroll the BOOKMARKS to navigate the document. Points of Interest is a good place to start in the bookmarks. You can use the hand tool to pan about the map and mouse over and click on STARS to get more info about that particular location or service.

About The Map

My name is Kenneth Fersht and I am the founder of Kmax Multimedia.

This map is part of the Gulf Island Maps collection, available through gulfislandmaps.com and produced by Kmax Multimedia

The map is zoom-able to 6400% with no loss of resolution, is searchable, and can be linked to the websites of local businesses and arts studios. One can type in the name of any street or geographical feature on Pender Island, and be zoomed in to that location on the map. One can click on a street name in the street index and be zoomed in to that street on the map, which proves to be a very handy navigational tool.

One can also click on a business name in the business index and be instantly linked to that business website. The map will simultaneously zoom in to that business location on the map.

The cost for small businesses or studios to have a star on the map and a link in the business index is $80 per year, or $160 per year if you would like your logo displayed on the map itself, which will be linked to your website and/or company info. A third option is to have a customized version of the map appear on your website, which would display ONLY your logo, as well as the best routes from the three ferry docks clearly marked on the map to your location. The cost for this configuration is $240 per year.

Please note that charities and non-profit organizations are being listed for free, and public wireless hotspots will also be listed in the bookmarks at no charge as a service to tourists visiting the island.

The map will help to promote Pender Island internationally and generate interest in the island itself.

If you would like to subscribe to this map and link to it from your site, please feel free to contact me, Kenneth Fersht, at:

I am also open to partial barter or trade if you have a product or service i can make use of.


I welcome your inquires and feedback on the Map of Pender Island.
Please feel free to contribute any ideas, comments and suggestions to info@gulfislandmaps.com

Ken Fersht, multimedia production artist

 Sponsor the Map of Pender Island

If you have a business on “Pender Island ” and wish to subscribe to this map of Pender Island, you can use paypal to sign up. The cost is $80 per year for a star on the map in your location and a listing in the Biz index which links to your web site. $160 per year to get your logo right on the map in your location.