Hey guitaristas and guitaristos. What an amazing day today! Went all over this island with a girl from France, the extremely charming, intelligent and beautiful Ninon. That alone makes it a special day cause you know it’s just not every day this happens, i wish. We were on photo shoots and i was showing her some of the amazing places to see and be on Salt Spring Island. So it’s high time that I posted some of my weird guitar music; this piece was recorded a few years ago, just one take live of a piece i call, Lament for the Irradiated Whales. It’s gone through a bit of evolution since then but i just stumbled on this video i had posted and said to myself, hmmm…except for the fact that youtube seems to have eliminated a lot of the bass from the recording it’s not too bad; different at least and i would say highly original piece, though it borrows from Celtic and East Indian motifs i think originally. I throw in a few bars of Portraits of the Moon also, i noticed, i do that sometimes wether i want to or not it seems. Another piece i’m proud of but actually have not played in it’s entirety for a while, ’cause i’ve been playing my strat mostly for the past few months. I did originally write that on the SG, which i later traded for my main strat, an USA HHS Shawbucker from 2015 which i do adore, twice or thrice daily of late, like part of my daily meditation really she is. Very versatile instrument and the trem actually stays reasonably in tune, which is rare for a strat. Was recently set up by Richard of Nanaimo, guitar tech to the stars. With the recent change in temperature and humidity however i did some fine tuning also to the bridge. I’m totally off on a tangent with that one. The instrument i’m playing in the vid however, is a 1959 National Chicagoan Lap Steel, originally a birthday gift from my bestie and long time friend and partner Kathryn Nimetz. For many years it had become my main instrument and kind of what i’m known for round these parts. Thx for looking and listening. The location is Fulford Wharf on Salt Spring Island, which is my home base. This post is a great example of why one should make a post, smoke a bowl, and THEN play guitar rather than, smoke a bowl, make a post, and then play guitar.

yours truly, Electro-Spaz the Improbable.