Our recent shoot on Saturna Island was great fun. It was pretty wild how the wind was blowing me one way and the current the other so my canoe stayed in basically the same spot in the kelp forest while i shot some film of Melanie. What an incredible Island for photography and oceanic adventures. I ended up having to drag my canoe with a fair bit of gear inside about a km or so down the trail to the ocean but it was well worth it. As usual East Point was magnificent and i had good company in the form of a woman i had met up on Cortes. We had a sort of passionate whirlwind summer romance going there for a while, which was fun, exciting and refreshing; just what a free roaming unfrozen caveman multi-media guy needs every once in a while. Man cave is not so female friendly, being fairly cluttered with all sorts of stuff, gear, etc and not proper washroom facilities but she stayed over a few nights also and that too was fun and exciting. Here are a few pics from Saturna. I don’t normally blog here, mostly on social media like facebook and instagram and even then pretty patchy. Trying to get on the ball with this stuff and post some of the best of on my blog here, on my main site, www.saltspringdesign.com.