We paddled out to Chocolate Beach on Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada, in ye old Chestnut canoe. Gorgeous morning, a beautiful flat and calm ocean for the paddle out. Light was perfecto. Photography on Salt Spring Island is what we do for fun. One of the things we love to do, it’s a passion for sure. I love it for the experience, not just the artworks that come from it. I find some of those to be profoundly beautiful also of course, that is what we strive for, these moments are so precious, the light is fleeting, and the model, Amanda Little Bird is absolutely stunning, magnificent, statuesque, and fun to hang out with. She’s so beautiful but there is no hint of vanity with her, just so natural, so warm and real. This is a young woman who knows what she wants and is willing to put in the time and work to get there. Impressed AF. We met 6 years ago on Galiano so i’m also going to add some of those pics to this post in the form of a mini gallery. Enjoy!