In response to the ‘free Palestine’ movement

In response to the naive and simplistic ‘free Palestine’ movement i’m going to start the ‘Free Charlie Manson’ campaign to illustrate that Hamas is demonstrably and evidently a criminally insane terrorist organization with an agenda, in writing, to kill all the Jews of Israel and commit genocide. It’s in their charter for fucks sake. Honestly […]

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Testimonia from Ninon

Just got a lovely testimonial from Ninon, so happy 🙂 Working with Ninon was really fun and even apres-shooting was fun too as we went on a wine tasting after and other fun stuff 🙂 Picture attached is not from our shoot on salt spring […]

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Chocolate Beach With Amanda

We paddled out to Chocolate Beach on Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada, in ye old Chestnut canoe. Gorgeous morning, a beautiful flat and calm ocean for the paddle out. Light was perfecto. Photography on Salt Spring Island is what we do for fun. One of the things we love to do, it’s a passion for […]

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Winter Wonderland on Salt Spring Island

It really is beautiful up here at the studio this time of year. The deer come by for a nibble and i confess to feeding them apples, carrots and such just cause they have big eyes and i know it’s hard for them when it snows like this for weeks. I posted some Youtube video […]

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Walbran Forest Rant and Reason 2015

We really need to just wait before cutting down any more trees in the Walbran Region. It would be of lasting benefit and prudent to consider real long term legal protection of that forest. We should not be in a rush and do anything rash or hasty in this matter. Those trees take a VERY […]

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